Beautiful people at R-cade

By Communication|June 13, 2016|News|

R-cadists, Last week, we have been visited by great names. Indeed, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Grendizer, Ryu and even members of AC/DC’s music group were in our Savoy’s workshop. Since Monday, many orders were made and all the R-cade team intensify efforts to make customers satisfied of their choice to choose R-cade products. This week was very busy for everyone in…

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R-cade’s Pincab comes to your TV !

By Communication|May 31, 2016|News|

R-cadists, One more time, one of our pincab is under TV’s spotlights. Indeed, we made a pincab for the TV show ”Gu’Live”, broadcast on the french channel Gulli. Gulli is a channel destinated to a young audience so we try to bring the spirit of a ”Nextgen” and ludic product. Concerning the show presenters, they like to hit the ball,…

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R-cade’s trip, the sequel

By Communication|March 25, 2016|News|

Dear R-cadists, We have warned you that the rhythm of the evenements where we will be in 2016 would be really high. This time, we were in Clermont-Ferrand for the Clermont Geek Convention which was held the 19 and 20 of march. Of course, we came together with our inexhaustible pinball « Super Marcus World » ! And has a good new never…

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R-cade, on the way to the big screen

By Communication|March 15, 2016|News|

Dear R-cadists, Early this year, in order to put make our pinball Elite Premium shine, we decide to call some video professionnals to put our R-cade product under the light.  We sought a large number of persons in order to put all chances in our side to make this video an important communication support for the forwards evenements and communication…

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