R-cade, on the way to the big screen

By Communication|March 15, 2016|News|

Dear R-cadists,

Early this year, in order to put make our pinball Elite Premium shine, we decide to call some video professionnals to put our R-cade product under the light. 
We sought a large number of persons in order to put all chances in our side to make this video an important communication support for the forwards evenements and communication operations. We also hope that will be a promotion as great as our digital pinball.

acteurs vidéo R-cade

Actors invests a lot to provide a quality video.

Make-up artist, performers, actors, camera operator, realisator and others audiovisual professionnals gathered this 22 of february to accompany our marketing team for the realisation of this video spot.

The video has been based on our revolutionary pinball R-cade Elite Premium. A way to show our main reference product. By showing the video, you’ll see that there are two disctint parts : A first one dedicated to the technical aspect of the pinball and a second one showing the entertaining aspect of this machine.
To cap it all, the filming was done in a luxuary loft. Where else could have receive in a better way our pinball ? In fact, this context permit to put forward the design and the contemporary aspect of the pinball that is a really important point.

Acteurs d'R-cade

Where else than a luxuary loft could suit bettter for the R-cade pinball ?

The video is already available on R-cade’s Youtube channel. We hope you will enjoy the result and makes you want to discover our flippers closer.This experience was very positive and liked by our team, now we hope this video will take our products to a new dimension ! The marketing team. 

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