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Last week, we have been visited by great names. Indeed, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Grendizer, Ryu and even members of AC/DC’s music group were in our Savoy’s workshop.

Since Monday, many orders were made and all the R-cade team intensify efforts to make customers satisfied of their choice to choose R-cade products.

This week was very busy for everyone in the company, in the workshop  and in the marketing department offices too. 

Of the four machines into production, all were ordered with custom design and our designers have also rolled up their sleeves to create original skins in accordance with the desired theme by customers.

Firstly, a PC arcade cab have been designed in honor of Grendizer, the space knight. A nice way to celebrate the 40 years old of the serie. We let you take a look at the result and remember the time when Grendizer fought against Vega’s empire on our TV’s screens.

Arcade Grendizer

Grendizer arcade cabinet

Then, a JAMMA arcade cab was designed under the colors of the famous videogames serie ”Marvel vs Capcom”. Even on our arcade cabs, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Viewtiful Joe are struggling with Marvel’s heroes as Spiderman, Captain America and Deadpool. According to you, which license will win this fight, which began in1996, with the arcade game ”X-men vs Street Fighter”?

Marvel vs Capcom gaming

Marvel vs Capcom Arcade Cabinet

The next product to be finalized is a pincab in honor of the famous Astralian hard-rock group AC/DC. Sober but classy, catching the eyes, this design fits perfectly with the image we want to diffuse of our products. Is there a better way to plunge into the atmosphere of the arcade.

AC/DC pinball

AC/DC Pincab

Last but not least, the beatiful arcade cab ”Super Heroes” with the colors of Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman and many others, as you can see in the picture. The design also makes a nod to the carrier that saw appear the exploits of these supermen, we are of talking about Comic-Strip. Indeed, we can see the outlines of vignettes and a bubble, making us imagine this cabinet as a huge board where all superhero would give appointment to play an arcade game together.

Superheroes arcade

Many Superheroes are present in this Arcade Cabinet, made by R-cade

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R-cade Team