R-cade’s trip, the sequel

By Communication|March 25, 2016|News|

Dear R-cadists,

We have warned you that the rhythm of the evenements where we will be in 2016 would be really high.

This time, we were in Clermont-Ferrand for the Clermont Geek Convention which was held the 19 and 20 of march. Of course, we came together with our inexhaustible pinball « Super Marcus World » ! And has a good new never come alone, we concede to you that the pinball we chose to bring to the CGC isn’t a random one. In fact, we couldn’t do a different one to celebrate the great Marcus who came on our stand during the all convention duration.

Other gaming personnalities also came on our stand like Kayane or Fred of the Dead.

Marcus a éclairé de sa bonne humeur le stand R-cade

Marcus has bring his good mood on our stand.

We were glad to participate to this evenement because of his large programmation : Cosplay, conferences, video games and a lot of guests and associations who have played the game, adding to our pleasure already high to be part of the festival side to our partner Marcus.

Stay tuned, a lot of new evenements will appear soon !

Discover the full photo album of the evenement available on our facebook fan page.

See you soon !

R-cade team