Video games lovers since the beginning, owners of several gaming shops in the 90’ and today of E-concept, a distribution company specialized in the video games industry, we are experts of the area. We went to video arcade and, as real fans, we own a museum with an exceptional collection of more than a hundred machines, from the 70’ to nowadays. Thus, with our various playful video experiences and our passion for this leisure, we created R-Cade, fusion of the classic and next-gen gaming.

Indeed, we wanted to design a subtle mix of our 80’s playful video experiences and of nowadays machine capacity to bring new gaming sensations. Hence our catch: Past, Future, Present. Play different. R-Cade is all new technologies with yesterday spirit. The result is a surprising sheer enjoyment. Furthermore, we conceive and manufacture tailor-made and high-end machines in our production facilities in the alpine region. Our digital Pinball machines are of high technicality and stemming from a 100 % hand-made process.

We attach a particular importance to each stage of the manufacture of our machines; of the graphic design of the cabinet, including the assembly of each of our parts.

All our machines are made from start to finish by a technician who ensures through to its know-how the quality and the unique character of each of each realization. We design, manufacture our handcrafted and upscale machines in our production workshop in the heart of the French Alps.

Finally, our responsible approach of the product is to use local and expert craftsmen to chop wood, to design the metal parts with laser beams and to design leather and precious wood…

With all these commitments, we guarantee high-end, high-technicality and 100% tailor-made machines, rewarded with a Gold medal at the prestigious Concours Lépine in 2015.


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