R-cade’s Pincab comes to your TV !

By Communication|May 31, 2016|News|


One more time, one of our pincab is under TV’s spotlights. Indeed, we made a pincab for the TV show ”Gu’Live”, broadcast on the french channel Gulli. Gulli is a channel destinated to a young audience so we try to bring the spirit of a ”Nextgen” and ludic product. Concerning the show presenters, they like to hit the ball, remembering their childhood’s memories. 

Gu’Live is broadcast every wednesday at 4 p.m. TV’s Audiences still increase since their first broadcast, in september 2013. This show becomes a real success and one of the most seeing shows of the channel. In 2015, the show reaches 35% of market shares, which is a record for a youth television channel. Thanks to this success, more and more parents are watching Gu’Live with their children, in a friendly and family atmosphere.


Gu’live presenters like to hit the ball.

The concept of Gu’Live is to engage children in games, skits and various animations to make them win gifts.

Our graphic artist’s team chooses to create a colorful and crazy design, to be consistent with the spirit of the show. With our products, we want to mix aggregate generations, using retrogames spirit with new technologies. Today, we are very happy to see our products on TV shows. We hope families and children will enjoy. For us, to be close of people is important because they are people like us, video games fans.

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